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Your Home Box

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Education and fun in a box!


    • Carefully curated seasonal sports equipment to keep your child(ren) engaged in active and healthy play;
    • 8 game cards that focus on core games using different pieces of equipment in the box;
    • 40+ day challenge sheet with new and exciting activities. 


    The active8 Your Home box program is designed to help in the following areas: 

    •  Physical and Mental Health: Improve overall physical activity and self-confidence levels in youth;
    •  Focus: Increase classroom alertness and engagement;
    •  Interpersonal Skills: Build up essential soft skills that include leadership, problem solving, communication and resiliency
    •  Screen Time: Decrease overall screen time;
    •  Engagement: Keep youth active every weekday with a new activity, game or challenge;
    •  Independent Play: Provide kid-friendly, independent play that will require minimal adult supervision.